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Your sexual energy is creative, abundant, vibrant and alive. It’s POWERFUL.

Nature is beaming with the vital, life force of sensuality. Flowers bloom in an expression of sexuality. We are surrounded by a vast abundance of sexual resource - from the weeds that grow along the sidewalk to the revolution of the moon around the Earth.

We are living in the legacy of oppression, colonization, and exploitation. The power of healthy, balanced sexual energy has been forcibly oppressed for generations, with the effects reaching worldwide.

Within our sex-negative culture, we’re taught to bury our sexual life force deep within us, to snuff out our fire so we don’t get burnt or burn others, and to hide away our sensual nature to keep us safe, contained and disempowered.

We’ve cut ourselves off from our desires, our passions, our authentic expression of creation.  At the same time, we’re becoming busier, more technologically connected, and further removed from the natural world.

Earth Eros Embodied is an experience designed to help you connect to your body, your desires, nature, plant allies, and spiritual and ancestral resources.

Co-created by herbalist and educator, Anna Booth Cohen of Herbalist Uprising, and sex educator and Desire Catalyst, Elise Bish, Earth Eros Embodied intends to create sacred space for conscious sexual education, resourced and grounded by herbal medicine.


  • Evaluate your current relationship  to sex, and identify places of opportunity and exploration

  • Strengthen your connection to the earth, nature, and the wisdom of the plants

  • Develop communication tools and sexual skills to expand your capacity for pleasure

  • Explore the landscape of ancestral consciousness, systemic oppression, and sexual liberation

  • Transform embedded messages of sexual shame into empathy and self-forgiveness

  • Learn common herbal remedies to nourish your erotic connection and physical body

  • Examine your relationship to giving and receiving, consent, and boundaries with people and the earth

  • Receive herbal and sexual education that promotes deep self-love and self-care

  • Enjoy the safe and joyful expression of desire, pleasure, play, intimacy, and love

Earth Eros Embodied is inspired by our love for, and sacred connection with, the natural world.


It takes bravery to reclaim what has been oppressed, to step into sexual fullness, and to confront the shame that our society inflicts upon sexuality. In this vulnerable place, plant and consciousness allies step in to provide support in the process of cultivating a healthy, empowered sexual self.

Remember the part of you that knows how it feels to live in full connection with your sexual energy. Pause...and take a breath with that part now. It is waiting to be let in.

The course content will be a mixture of wise woman traditions, herbal medicine making, sexual education and skill building, embodiment practices, systemic family constellations, and time in nature to reflect, inspire, and gain insights.

Earth Eros Embodied is designed to both root you to the earth in your current environment, and provide a nourishing retreat for deeper connection and healing.

This work is for you if:

  • You feel the call of the wild within and you’re ready for an adventure.

  • You’re interested in learning about herbal medicine making and self-healing.

  • You feel out of touch with desire, confused about pleasure, or you’re holding sexual shame.

  • You’re sexual life is good, but you know that there is something more to discover.

  • You want to tap into your sexual energy to further your intentions and work in the world.

  • You’re ready to live in resonance with the earth, with respect and consciousness.

  • You want to love yourself fully.



Join our Pleasure Plants online series from anywhere in the world! We'll be teaching about the 5 most powerful tools for increasing your sexual pleasure and cultivating erotic presence. Each class features an herbal aphrodisiac to deepen, enhance, and support your sexual journey. Join for all 5 classes, or choose a few that are right for you!

2021 dates to be announced 



In-person workshops offer the opportunity to get up close and personal with plant magic, sacred sexuality, and trans-generational healing. Typically, you can find us teaching all over the Northeast.


Currently, we have paused in-person events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but look forward to hosting them again when it is safe to do so.

IMG_2441 (1).JPG


The Earth Eros Embodied Summer Retreat is a 4-day immersion experience designed for women and queer folks to learn about and connect to their bodies, desires, nature, plant allies, and spiritual and ancestral resources. This embodied experience will leave you feeling more sensual, nourished, and empowered. 

We hope to be able to host an in-person retreat again soon!

The Results:


Feel more alive and inspired. Connect to your creativity and inspiration. Feel the loving support of the Earth. Use herbal plant allies to support your expansion. Enjoy increased confidence and self esteem. Honor the wisdom of your soul. Nourish the divinity of your body. Know the power of your sacred erotic self.

Earth Eros Embodied is an open to women and queer folks of all sexual orientations, and relationship configurations.

We are especially interested in supporting queer, trans, gender non-conforming folks, and BIPOC. Thousands of years of systemic, institutionalized oppression have created an unbalanced hierarchical system that limits access to resources based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity.  With an acknowledgment of this truth, scholarship opportunities are available for those who need them.

About The Facilitators 

Elise Bish is a workshop facilitator, sexuality educator, and Desire Catalyst. She believes that the purpose of life is to walk though the world with our desire leading the way, and to breathe in the fullness of existence with all of our senses. As a Desire Catalyst, Elise combines systemic family constellations, embodiment practices, and conscious sexual skill building to support her clients in cultivating a healthy relationship to their desire. Her work stems from a range of modalities that centralize the wisdom of the body and its capacity to perceive, feel, and express.

Anna Booth Cohen has been practicing herbalism since 2010, completing a three year apprenticeship at the Gaia School in Putney, VT, an advanced program at the Boston School of Herbal Studies, and a year-long apprenticeship at the Ohlone Center in Berkeley, CA. She offers individual herbal consults and herbal education, including classes, workshops, and programs. Anna has dedicated herself to the service of all beings through strengthening the connection between humans and plants and promoting wellness.

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