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Anna Booth Cohen is an herbalist offering herbal consults, workshops and handmade herbal products. Her work is based out of Providence, RI and is available to clients worldwide.


Her mission is to help people increase their agency over their wellness through connection with their plant allies. She combines her knowledge of western herbalism, plant spirit medicine, and heart-based perception of the knowing field of consciousness to craft her herbal practice. 



"Anna combines pragmatic, ages old knowledge with, fresh crystal clear intuition. Her assessment was precise and the ensuing protocol simple and powerful. I highly recommend this born healer."

"The class was on herbal folklore, the teacher Anna Cohen was fantastic. She was very organized and shared extensive knowledge. I would take another class with her in a minute! I took ample notes and have already researched her resources she provided and made attempts at her projects. I was so inspired so much so that I will continue to study herbs in this way in the future!"

"Anna has a kind, calm, grounded presence and a wisdom that comes from her relationship with the plants and trees of the earth. I have tried many of her teas; they were all delicious and all gave me an experience of being more connected to life."

- M.L.

- E.F.


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